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Stuart Dental
The Use and Benefits of Laser Dentistry
The use of lasers in dentistry was approved by the FDA in the mid 90's and is widely seen as a pain minimizing alternative to traditional dental techniques and equipment. Laser dentistry covers a range of specialized lasers used in the most modern dental procedures. For example, there are lasers used for surgical incisions, other lasers are used as a heat source for teeth whitening and lasers to harden tooth fillings. Let's take a detailed look into laser dentistry and see how these new techniques can benefit you. Procedures Suitable for Laser Dentistry Tooth Decay and Dental FillingDental lasers are used to clean and prepare teeth for filling. This virtually eliminates the need for a drill and the use of anesthesia. The focussed energy of the laser kills bacteria present in the cavity, which helps to increase the success rate of the procedure and minimize post-operative swelling. Once the tooth has been filled, the dental laser is then used to harden the filling. This allows the... (more)

Life love &
-the power of conversatio

Being in a slightly better mood at the moment, I thought I'd give it another shot and call in and leave a post. I've had a fairly long convo (by phone) which picked up my spirits somewhat; it started a small avalanche of thought which was basically the gist of what has been bothering me to pieces. On this side of the window, there are such issues like dealing with a person whose reaction to life and it's challenges leaves a rather turbulant wake on a regular basis. Now when that is the only source of any convo over a long period of hours - well it just flattens you to pieces. I have excuse enough to be as cranky and close-lipped as you could imagine (chronic pain will do that; chronic agony takes it to the next level) The main difference being I don't 'use' my pain. In fact, my life-long purpose has been to raise spirits and assist when ever I could. So it is not in my makeup to act in discouraging ways, to put people off would be so alien to my nature. But I find there are... (more)

Making Bagasse Pellets in Vietnam
Vietnam, with the tropical monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate, is very suitable for the growth of sugarcane. The sugarcane grows fast and can be planted in the whole Vietnam. After harvest, the crop produces sugar juice and bagasse. With the help of wood pellet mill, bagasse, the fibrous dry matter can be recycled into biomass pellets for energy production. Traditionally, bagasse is used as fuel for the boilers and kilns, a fiber for paper production, agricultural mulch and raw material for chemicals production. Even so, bagasse is still regarded as a burden instead of blessing due to the accumulation of million-ton bagasse each year. Therefore, strategically solve the problem of bagasse transportation and storage is required. Advantages of Making Bagasse Pellets Turning the bagasse into pellets not only enhance the value of agricultural production process, but also contribute to environment protection. In the combustion process of bagasse pellets, emissions of... (more)

The Common Ills
on day of mcdonald confirmatio
n hearing,
iava looks for reform plan

On Day of McDonald Confirmation Hearing, IAVA Looks For Reform Plan This is from Iraq and American Veterans of America: CONTACT: Gretchen Andersen (212) 982-9699 or On Day of McDonald Confirmation Hearing, IAVA Looks For Reform Plan New York, NY (July 22, 2014) – The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (SVAC) will hold a confirmation hearing for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary nominee Robert A. McDonald at 3 pm today at SD-G50 Dirksen Senate Office Building. McDonald is the former head of Procter & Gamble and is a United States Military Academy graduate. The hearing will air on C-Span 3. Click here to watch. “Today’s confirmation hearing gets us one step closer to putting the VA on a new path,” said IAVA CEO and Founder Paul Rieckhoff. “Bob McDonald will have a lot to answer to – how he will reform the VA, eradicate wrongdoers, and instill trust in a deplorable health care... (more)

Dark of the Moon
You Were King
You ruled the world like it was no big thing You were my Portuguese king And I was Mary, Queen of Scots All we had was everything Nothing left to win Nowhere to go but apart

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